Investing in a stock market is never easy. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of risks that involve in investing in stocks. Sometimes, the market goes up — sometimes, the market goes down. Most of the time, even though an investor manages to gain profits, such profits are most often reduced by the trading and investment costs, such as broker’s commissions, transaction and service fees, margin interest, stock broker salary, and subscription to market data.  This is the reason why stock investors are really advised to find the online stock brokerage firms that offer the lowest fees and best rates, but at the same time, offer reliable and quality customer service as well. However, finding the best and cheapest online broker may be very challenging.

Based on various research that we have made, we’ve compiled the following stock broker list of the best and cheapest online brokerage firms that also provide an excellent service to their clients with the lowest fees! To help you get started on the right path, review our Top Online Stock Broker recommendations below.

Best Stock Brokers

        1. TradeKing
          TradeKing provides great customer service and competitive option tools and pricing. They charge $4.95 per stock/ETF trade. Since they offer one of lowest rates, deliver more value than other competitors, and are rated #1 in customer service, they earned out #1 recommendation. Open your TradeKing account now.
        2. OptionsHouse
          OptionsHouse charges one of the lowest trading fees at $3.95 per stock/ETF trade. They provide a fast platform and professional-grade trading tools that any trader (from novice to professional) can take advantage of.
        3. E*TRADE
          E*TRADE charge $9.99 if 0-149 trades per quarter; $7.99 if more than 150 trades per quarter per stock/ETF trade. They have great trading platform, and no setup or annual IRA fees.
        4. OptionsXpress
          This brokerage firm charges $9.95 if under 1,001 shares, $0.01 per share if over 1,000 shares per stock/ETF trade. They provide great trading tools and top-rated customer service. They also provide great research amenities and virtual trading is available. They also offer free online classes, and require no initial deposit to open an account.

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